About the Electrolysis Procedure

Electrology is a technique for getting rid of unwanted hair, it was first used in 1875 by Dr Michael in St Louis for treating trichiasis (an ingrown eyelash). it works by passing a small electric current along a sterile fine probe into the hair follicle, where the root meets the dermal papilla a small amount of heat is created (which feels like a tingle) which dehydrates the bulb and cauterises the blood supply at the papilla, without a blood supply the follicle dies.  It is suitable to remove hair from any part of the body of both men and women.

Hirsutism is the growth of excessive hair and is caused by hormone changes usually associated with puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, but medications, obesity and illness may also be a factor. You should visit your doctor if you are worried for a diagnosis of the root cause and prevention of more hair being activated but you will need to see an electrologist for treatment as once the hair has been activated it will not go away on its own.

A session can be as short as 15 minutes or can last for a couple of hours depending on the number of hairs that need to be treated.   We advise that you should be committed to regular appointments to start with, at least weekly to start with and then reducing in frequency.  The procedure is non invasive, but you may feel some discomfort and you skin may feel pink and mildly irritated but this should settle down quickly.

There are no serious risks, side effects or complications with electrolysis hair removal, the cost is relatively inexpensive especially compared to a life time of other depilatory methods with the misery that goes with them. Expect to pay as little as £20 for up to 15 minute session rising to £60 for an hour.

Our Location is just outside Shepton Mallet in a hamlet called Bowlish, our treatment room is in a friendly relaxing home environment where confidentiality is assured.

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