Male and female ‘grooming gender gap’ narrows

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A new survey has revealed that 1 in 3 UK men now spend between 21 and 40 minutes in the bathroom every day.

According to the research, commissioned by male cancer charity Orchid and shaving brand The Bluebeards Revenge, the ‘grooming gender gap is narrowing’.

Men in the West Midlands top the male grooming chart, with 50% allocating 21 to 40 minutes for their daily regime.

Welsh men were found to spend the least amount of time grooming, with 22% falling into the time category.

Of the 1,000 men surveyed, 79.8% believed that grooming improved self-confidence. This figure rose to more than 81% for those in the 18 to 24 age range, and for those in the 55+ segment.

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Wound at different stages of healing (A-C). The blue lines represent “clones” of cells originating from hair follicle stem cells. As the wound heals, the hair-follicle-derived cells migrate linearly toward the center of the wound in an apparent effort to heal the wound as quickly as possible. A, two days after wound. B, five days after wound; blue streaks indicate that clones move inward. C, eights days after wound, the epidermis has completely closed.

Photo Credit: George Cotsarelis, MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Nature Medicine

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