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Tea Tree Face Cream 100ml

Price: £9.97
An oil-free skin-quenching, yet matifying cream with pure Tea Tree Oil that helps control the over-production of sebum on the skin. This balancing cream helps refine pores and restores vitality to tired skin with Desert Lime Extract and Macadamia Oil leaving it fresher, brighter and re-energised yet with a matt non-shiny finish perfect for applying make up too.



Tea Tree Hand & Foot Cream 100ml
Price: £8.97
An intensive rich and nourishing hand and foot cream with Pure Organic Tea Tree Oil and Macadamia Oil to soothe and calm dry, cracked skin leaving it refreshed, hydrated and silky soft. See and feel the difference on your cracked heels after just a couple of days when they regain smooth baby-soft skin.


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Pure Tea Tree Oil – 10ml. 30ml. 50ml.

Price: 10ml @  £4.93
Price: 30ml @ £10:47
Price: 50ml @ £16:43
Pure Organic Australian Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) which can be applied to the skin either on its neat form or diluted. This wonderful oil has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Australia for its anti fungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti bacterial effects. Some of its uses include the treatment of headlice, acne, infections, candida, sunburn, coldsores, cuts, burns and abrasions to name but a few.


Pure Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick 8ml
Price: £4.73
Apply directly to unwanted spots or blemishes to reduce redness and kill bacteria. Calms, heals and soothes with no harsh effects. Perfect to keep in your pocket and easy to use. An excellent blend of pure organic Tea Tree Oil, Witch hazel Extract and Sandalwood to decongest redness and inflammation.


Wet Wipes (24 pieces)
Price: £2.97
Hygienic non-irritating wipes with Organic Tea Tree Oil, known for its soothing and healing properties. Essential for skin cleansing and especially suitable prior to hair removal. Alcohol and fragrance free.


Shampoo 250ml
Price: £7.43
Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Australian Bush Mint and Peppermint Oil to leave the scalp feeling revitalised and refreshed and the hair shiny and healthy looking. This refreshing oil-free shampoo helps reduce excess oil without stripping the hair yet is gentle enough for every day use.


Conditioner 250ml
Price: £7.85
A deeply penetrating and rich conditioner with Tea Tree Oil, Citricial (a natural antimicrobial ingrediant from grapefruit pith) and Australian Bush Mint Oil that restores lustre and de-tangles the hair. This luxurious creamy conditioner leaves the scalp feeling revived and the hair shiny, healthy and full of body.


Deodorant 65ml
Price: £5.93
Provides a fresh, deodorising effect with pure organic tea tree oil, Australian Sandalwood and Anisata extract and Zinc Ricinoleate to absorb odours instead of blocking sweat glands. This naturally effective deodorant fights bacteria to combat body odour and is gentle enough to use even a*er hair removal.


Skin Wash 250ml.
Price: £9.75

Skin Wash 1 litre
Price: £27.93

This oil-free face and body wash with pure organic tea tree oil, Mountain Pepper Extract and Pepermint oil cleans the pores and helps eliminate bacteria that causes acne without stripping or drying the skin. Oily skin is controlled and vitality is restored revealing fresher, more vibrant skin.


Hand and Body Lotion 250ml.
Price: £9.75
Hand and Body Lotion 1 litre
Price: £27.93

A nourishing hand and body lotion rich in Macadamia Oil that quenches and soothes dry, itchy skin leaving it silky soft and deeply hydrated. With pure Tea tree Oil and Anisata, it is safe and gentle enough to use straight after hair removal and can help in the prevention and treatment of ingrowing hairs often associated with waxing.[/box]