There are many reasons for hair appearing where it is not wanted on the body and particularly on the face. These include hormonal changes and hormone imbalances, but the good news is that, with the exception of the mucus membrane inside the nose, all areas of the body can be treated effectively with electrolysis to remove these offending hairs forever.

At any given time each hair will be either in a growth or dormant phase. In growth stages the hair follicle contains moisture which improves the efficacy of the electrolysis treatment. During the few weeks a hair is dormant, treatments are less effective. This is why it is necessary to schedule a series of regular treatments in order to target all the hairs at their most vulnerable stages, to be certain of removing them permanently by the end of the treatment period.

The length of the treatment period and the duration of an appointment are tailored to each individual client and to each specific area requiring treatment. Generally, if a client follows the clinic’s recommendation, does not suffer from a hormone imbalance, and does not have a medical condition/is not taking medication which might affect hair growth, the treatment period will range from six months to two years.

For best results, treatments should be made weekly initially in order to target each wave of hairs when they are at their weakest within their growth cycle.

As the treatment progresses, appointments are spaced out to fortnightly, monthly and less frequently for maintenance purposes, until the undesired hairs have finally disappeared for good.



Chin and Neck:

This is the most common area for unwanted hair, appearing either as coarse hairs or as a fine peach fuzz (‘vellus’) which has grown long and dense. Both can be treated effectively with electrolysis.

Coarse hairs may be tougher due to previous tweezing or waxing, but when electrolysis begins, temporary hair removal (plucking) must be discontinued. Shaving or clipping is acceptable between treatments as it will not affect the weakening and thinning of the hair by electrolysis.


Eyebrows enhance the eye – they are referred to as ‘the frame of the soul’s mirror’ – but few of us are blessed with naturally tidy eyebrows.

Ideally the medial (inner) portion of the eyebrow should start at the inner canthus of the eye with the peak arch being over the pupil. The end of the eyebrow should be at or just past the outer edge of the eye.

It is desirable to shape the eyebrow by removing the hairs between and below the brow while leaving as much of the hair as possible above the brow to give it height, thereby enhancing the eye area. As the tissue of the eyebrow is very thin, this requires accuracy to carefully remove the stray hairs.

Since eyebrow shapes are a very personal choice, each hair is discussed with the client holding a mirror to ensure the desired shaping prior to extraction.

Upper and Lower Lip:

The skin here tends to be particularly sensitive due to nerve endings overlapping at the mid-line of the body. The tissue of the upper and lower lip areas is thin so the hair usually dies quite quickly because the roots systems are shallow.


For most men and some women, hairs can form on and in their ears as they age. Shaving and clipping may help temporarily, but electrolysis is the only permanent way to remove the problem




Shaving or waxing can create rashes and nicks, and result in coarse, uncomfortable hairs. During puberty, this is the area which experiences the most hair growth due to testosterone or hair growth hormones called androgens.

With electrolysis, when the hair dies the entire follicle dies also and the skin starts to regenerate, enabling the pigmentation caused by waxing or shaving to fade.


There are many people who are bothered by the hairs on their back. Back hairs can be particularly coarse and are known as ‘terminal’ hairs. Whether just in a patch or over the entire back, electrolysis can deal with the problem permanently.


Shaving or waxing of the bikini line can create rashes and lead to ingrowing hairs erupting into spots and boils.

Electrolysis removes the discomfort and unsightliness of hair in this area without damaging the skin, affording the confidence to wear swimsuits and light summer clothes.

Like the back, bikini hairs are the coarser, more deeply rooted ‘terminal’ hairs. Once treated, the entire follicle and hair will die, but only if a strict schedule of treatments is adhered to, to ensure the dermal hair growth is arrested in its early stages when it is weakest.

Breasts and Chest:

The breast and chest are common areas for unwanted hair, particularly around the nipple/aureole area. Women can find this growth distressing, but it is not unusual and a majority of women experience it.

It is important not to wax or tweeze these hairs as it will make them thicker and stronger. Instead, a regular schedule of electrolysis will eradicate them forever.


Many clients have hair on their stomachs, especially the area between the navel and the bikini line. Whether a small strip or a large area, electrolysis is the only effective way to deal with this permanently.

Arms and Legs:

Most women have unwanted hair on their legs – particularly lower legs, but often both upper and lower. Shaving and waxing are frequently used to manage the hair growth but these will only ever be temporary measures.

Electrolysis is the only permanent method to ‘end the fight with the daily battle of unwanted hair growth’.

Some people have excessive hair on their arms, causing embarrassment (particularly for women). Removing this hair makes the arms look thinner and cleaner.

Pre & Post Treatment:

Certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others and a few clients choose to use prescription anaesthesia, but most do not require it. Someclients find that prior to treatments, numbing creams help to reduce sensitivity – please see Information & Resources for suggestions.

Following treatment, the skin may exhibit a slight amount of redness or swelling, but this usually lasts no more than 15-30 minutes. Please refer to Prep for Treatment for a detailed list of how to prepare and what to expect

For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact us on

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Please be reassured:

unlike other forms of hair removal, electrolysis is the only method which, with regular appointments, will result in permanent hair eradication, for the rest of your life


What They Say

Met Karyn and Rosie for the first time today. A great team, put me at ease immediately with a friendly, professional approach. The electrolysis went well with no adverse reaction and I will certainly be in contact with them again soon.


Such a lovely first appointment with Karyn and Rosie. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They are both very knowledgeable about electrolysis and skincare. I had a patch test done which was fine during treatment and afterwards. I look forward to my future treatments.


I have been having electrolysis for years and I couldn’t believe the difference when I went to Somerset Electrolysis, Karyn was really efficient and has virtually cleared my face, Rosie had a go at my thread veins that looked really awful and for the first time in years I go out in public without makeup. Thank you Karyn and Rosie for doing wonders for my self esteem, I can highly recommend you both.   Katie

Scared to deal with the problem?

What really genuine ladies.

I have been wanting to get my embarrassing facial hair dealt with for years but was too scared to go to a salon or anything.

Rosie and Karyn were so welcoming and understanding, I completely felt at ease and like i had finally found a solution to something that effects my life so much.

I know it will take some time to eradicate but it IS POSSIBLE!! I don’t know why I didn’t go earlier! If you are worried about embarrassing hair removal these are your girls to see!!

Very confidential and they have a treatment room in their home so no beauty salons to deal with!!!

Highly recommended 🙂

 I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) .”

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