It is helpful to understand hair growth cycles:

Hairs grow and rest in regular cycles so that the hair you have currently is not all the hair you possess. When a hair has completed its growth phase, the follicle releases the hair and goes into a dormant period. This allows the hair follicle to rejuvenate while another hair is formed. The cycle can last from six weeks to two months before the hair grows again.

The active growth cycle is the best time for a hair to be treated with electrolysis: when the hair first starts to grow it is at its weakest. This is why at Somerset Electrolysis we encourage our clients to adhere to a strict schedule of treatments so their range of hairs can be dealt with most effectively and permanently.

We also recommend you read our Prep for Treatment page and follow the advice of what to do before and after your electrolysis treatment to ensure best possible results.


Different stages of the hair cycle:


– Anagene: growing stage of the hair

– Catagene: detachment from the papilla

– Telogene: when the hair is at the end of its cycle

– Exogene: when the hair sheds and gives a chemical signal for new growth

Distorted Hair Follicles


Hair removal methods which pluck out the hair, such as waxing, tweezing or threading, cause trauma to the base of the hair. The elasticity of the skin pulls the hair root towards the surface and when the hair breaks away the root snaps back into the base but does not always return to its original position so when the hair begins its next cycle, it is trying to grow in the wrong direction. It is this distortion from the base of the hair follicle which leads to ingrown hairs, and ingrown hairs which can cause pustules, hyperpigmentation and infections.

Clients suffering from keloid scars must be particularly careful to avoid ingrown hairs.

The safest option is to remove ingrown hairs permanently with electrolysis, and when the hair is particularly distorted, different modalities enable us to ensure a successful outcome.



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Please be reassured:

unlike other forms of hair removal, electrolysis is the only method which, with regular appointments, will result in permanent hair eradication, for the rest of your life


What They Say

Met Karyn and Rosie for the first time today. A great team, put me at ease immediately with a friendly, professional approach. The electrolysis went well with no adverse reaction and I will certainly be in contact with them again soon.


Such a lovely first appointment with Karyn and Rosie. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They are both very knowledgeable about electrolysis and skincare. I had a patch test done which was fine during treatment and afterwards. I look forward to my future treatments.


I have been having electrolysis for years and I couldn’t believe the difference when I went to Somerset Electrolysis, Karyn was really efficient and has virtually cleared my face, Rosie had a go at my thread veins that looked really awful and for the first time in years I go out in public without makeup. Thank you Karyn and Rosie for doing wonders for my self esteem, I can highly recommend you both.   Katie

Scared to deal with the problem?

What really genuine ladies.

I have been wanting to get my embarrassing facial hair dealt with for years but was too scared to go to a salon or anything.

Rosie and Karyn were so welcoming and understanding, I completely felt at ease and like i had finally found a solution to something that effects my life so much.

I know it will take some time to eradicate but it IS POSSIBLE!! I don’t know why I didn’t go earlier! If you are worried about embarrassing hair removal these are your girls to see!!

Very confidential and they have a treatment room in their home so no beauty salons to deal with!!!

Highly recommended 🙂

 I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) .”

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