Preparation for treatment:
for the best results

Use moisturising cream at least once a day. Moisturisers work by stopping the moisture escaping from the skin and electrolysis works better when the skin is not dry. For this reason moisturisers without lots of additives and perfumes are more effective than most expensive moisturisers.
Use sun blocker SPF 15 minimum on any area to be treated if it will be exposed to the sun. This is especially important for clients who have sensitive or pigmented skin.
Use exfoliating face wipes on any area to be treated if it is dry. As new hair tries to push through the surface of the skin it can cause the skin around the hair follicle to die and go hard, making it difficult for the hair to push through and harder for an electrolysis needle to insert smoothly.
Try to drink at least 1 ½ to 2 ½ litres of water every day. This is the recommended minimum to keep the body healthy, but also increases the moisture content of the skin. More moisture in the skin means less power is required to destroy the follicle, leading to a more comfortable experience, less trauma to the skin and a faster recovery time.
Get enough sleep: aim for 8-9 hours per night. Sleep reduces inflammation and will reduce pain. Clients often report that lack of sleep lowers their pain threshold and has increased their discomfort during treatment. Other benefits include improving skin problems such as psoriasis,eczema and acne, and increasing willpower to help fend off unhealthy food cravings which can affect both skin and well being.
Avoid make-up or remove it before coming for a treatment. We can provide anti-bacterial cover up foundation after the treatment if desired
Avoid caffeine or other stimulants on the day of treatment. These increase the activity of the nervous system, magnifying any discomfort felt. Many people choose to ignore this advice, but when followed clients report an improvement in their experience.
Avoid low blood sugar: ensure you have something to eat before your appointment to avoid increased sensitivity and discomfort.
Avoid rushing: make sure you arrive for your appointment with time to relax. Pressure stimulates the nervous system, risking greater discomfort from the treatment.

It is normal to be nervous the first time you come for treatment, but our aim is to make your experience with us as comfortable and reassuring as possible.


Skin Care Pre-Treatment:

We use an antibacterial lotion to cleanse the skin before we begin, but ask you to avoid wearing make-up prior to your treatment

Skin Care Post-Treatment:

After treatment, we apply an Aloe Vera gel or Yi-Zhi Baume cream to soothe and heal. With your first treatment you will be given a tube of Aftercare gel to use at home. We can offer Cataphoresis after care treatment and, if required, anti-bacterial foundation which can be used immediately following treatment without causing irritation or infection to the treated area.

Skin Care at Home Post-Treatment:

Electrolysis is a surgical procedure, so any redness or raised bumps immediately after treatment should last only an hour or so. Pinprick scabs may appear the day after, but resist picking these; they will rub off within a week or so once the skin has healed. On the body, particularly the stomach and thighs, distinct red dots may appear where the hair has been removed. Again, these will fade, usually within a week. Occasionally, treated areas can be a little sore or itchy the following day.


Following treatment, for the next 24 hours

Avoid the sun
Avoid strenuous exercise
Avoid anything that will increase skin temperature such as hot tubs, UV lamps
Try not to put make-up on treated areas (see note below)
Keep treated area clean
Use sunscreen at all times
Apply Aloe Vera or Aftercare gel at least two times a day.
If you need to wear make-up, ask about our specially formulated cover-up foundation, or use an antibiotic ointment first to protect the area


If any of theses conditions affect you, please inform your electrologist.

Heart disease, pacemaker or electronic implant
Viral hepatitis or AIDS
Cancerous lesions
Absence of sensory perception or numbness
Metallic implants

If you have been prescribed the following drugs you will not be able to have treatment for 12 months: Accutane or Retin A

If you are currently on Roaccutane/Accutane or have taken this oral acne treatment within the last year you will not be able to have treatment because your skin may react badly.


Please note we are unable to offer treatment if you

are pregnant
have Hepatitis
have HIV
have electronic implants
have bruising, recent scarring, cuts or abrasions
have active dermatitis
have active herpes simplex or other similar conditions

If you are diabetic you will be unable to have any treatment on your hands, feet or lower legs.

Electrolysis is not a quick fix but, unlike other forms of hair removal, regular appointments will result in permanent hair loss that will last for the rest of your life.

For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact us on

01749 988 250

Please be reassured:

unlike other forms of hair removal, electrolysis is the only method which, with regular appointments, will result in permanent hair eradication, for the rest of your life


What They Say

Met Karyn and Rosie for the first time today. A great team, put me at ease immediately with a friendly, professional approach. The electrolysis went well with no adverse reaction and I will certainly be in contact with them again soon.


Such a lovely first appointment with Karyn and Rosie. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They are both very knowledgeable about electrolysis and skincare. I had a patch test done which was fine during treatment and afterwards. I look forward to my future treatments.


I have been having electrolysis for years and I couldn’t believe the difference when I went to Somerset Electrolysis, Karyn was really efficient and has virtually cleared my face, Rosie had a go at my thread veins that looked really awful and for the first time in years I go out in public without makeup. Thank you Karyn and Rosie for doing wonders for my self esteem, I can highly recommend you both.   Katie

Scared to deal with the problem?

What really genuine ladies.

I have been wanting to get my embarrassing facial hair dealt with for years but was too scared to go to a salon or anything.

Rosie and Karyn were so welcoming and understanding, I completely felt at ease and like i had finally found a solution to something that effects my life so much.

I know it will take some time to eradicate but it IS POSSIBLE!! I don’t know why I didn’t go earlier! If you are worried about embarrassing hair removal these are your girls to see!!

Very confidential and they have a treatment room in their home so no beauty salons to deal with!!!

Highly recommended 🙂

 I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) .”

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