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Despite the fact that nearly 30% of women have to deal with unwanted facial hair on a daily basis, it is still considered a taboo subject which blights many women’s lives, destroying their self-confidence and hampering their self-esteem.

Beyond the time it takes each day to purge those telltale bristles, the fear of being identified as ‘whiskered’ can play havoc with relationships and detrimentally affect career opportunities.

But there is a permanent, life-long solution: electrolysis

Many electrologists came to the study of electrolysis because they themselves have suffered from the problems of excessive hair growth and understand all too well the negative impact it can have on women’s lives.

Unexplained hirsutism’ is the term used for excessive hair growth where there is no medical reason but it is caused by an increased production or sensitivity to androgens (normal female levels of testosterone), usually as a result of puberty, pregnancy or menopause – although obesite, illness and some medications can also be a cause.

Androgens are the trigger mechanism for deep-rooted, thick hair (not to be confused with the soft downy ‘vellus’ hair on the face). The dark roots may create a noticeable shadow under the skin, but plucking them out, while tempting, can cause the follicles to become distorted leading to ingrowing hairs which in their turn can result in spots, boils and damaged skin.

An excess of androgens can result in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is not possible to cure, but symptoms such as hirsutism can be managed effectively to relieve the discomfort.

Normally, hirsutism is nothing to worry about beyond the distress it may cause, but if there is a sudden and noticeable increase in hair growth, it could be an indicator of some other underlying problem connected with the thyroid function, diabetes, or adrenal functions, in which case it is advisable to speak to your doctor.

As electrologists we cannot diagnose, but we can help you identify the symptoms which will aid you in your conversations with your doctor.

If a problem is diagnosed, the GP may prescribe medication to control the symptoms, but this will not reverse the existing hair growth. Creams such as Vaniqa will slow hair growth but not prevent it, and once it is no longer being used, the hair will start to reappear.

For women, unwanted hair can grow not just on the face but also the neck, chest, tummy, thighs and arms. The good news is that all areas can be treated successfully with electrolysis, including the breast and areola.

You may have tried numerous hair removal methods in the past only to be disappointed with their results and with the return of hairs which seem to be tougher or darker than before.

Tweezing or shaving can result in ingrowing hairs leading to spots and boils. Laser/IPL may appear to offer a swift solution but will only work on darker hairs and, while reducing them, cannot remove them permanently once the hairs become lighter or finer. In many cases the hairs will return necessitating a lifetime of epilation, with all its attendant costs.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method which is recognised by both the BMA (British Medical Association) in the UK and the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) in the US, and in ensuring the hairs are removed permanently, is the most cost-effective.

A woman’s body image is crucial to her self-confidence and general wellbeing. Being smooth and hair-free in all those areas where hair is unwanted is an aspect of that body image that electrolysis can help achieve – but it does require the time and commitment to complete the full course of treatments in order to ensure the permanent results desired and the beautiful self-image deserved.

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Please be reassured:

unlike other forms of hair removal, electrolysis is the only method which, with regular appointments, will result in permanent hair eradication, for the rest of your life


What They Say

Met Karyn and Rosie for the first time today. A great team, put me at ease immediately with a friendly, professional approach. The electrolysis went well with no adverse reaction and I will certainly be in contact with them again soon.


Such a lovely first appointment with Karyn and Rosie. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They are both very knowledgeable about electrolysis and skincare. I had a patch test done which was fine during treatment and afterwards. I look forward to my future treatments.


I have been having electrolysis for years and I couldn’t believe the difference when I went to Somerset Electrolysis, Karyn was really efficient and has virtually cleared my face, Rosie had a go at my thread veins that looked really awful and for the first time in years I go out in public without makeup. Thank you Karyn and Rosie for doing wonders for my self esteem, I can highly recommend you both.   Katie

Scared to deal with the problem?

What really genuine ladies.

I have been wanting to get my embarrassing facial hair dealt with for years but was too scared to go to a salon or anything.

Rosie and Karyn were so welcoming and understanding, I completely felt at ease and like i had finally found a solution to something that effects my life so much.

I know it will take some time to eradicate but it IS POSSIBLE!! I don’t know why I didn’t go earlier! If you are worried about embarrassing hair removal these are your girls to see!!

Very confidential and they have a treatment room in their home so no beauty salons to deal with!!!

Highly recommended 🙂

 I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) .”

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